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New Business Idea: Smart senses

Make use of your electronic devices sensors for the best... and increase the life of your equipment!
Smart senses
You may use your electronic devices without knowing they're loaded with sensors allowing them to track, adapt or control their behaviour. As such your smartphone is loaded with sensors you probably don't use. However they collect important data on the device and can be used to protect it in abnormal conditions of temperature, humidity... Smart senses is an app that tracks all sensors data and generates alerts before problems occur.
Target audience
This app is targeted at people caring about their smartphone lifetime and performance.
The app is paid and updated regularly to be more and more protective, i.e. covering more situations in which the smartphone can be protected.
The main objective is to prove smartphones with the smart senses app installed last longer and perform better. Similar protection can be offered for devices than smartphones e.g. for the Internet of things.


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