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New Business Idea: World expert, to get the right answer from the right person

Every question has an answer if you find the right person. Any doubts on relativity?

Everybody knows about something, but some people are real experts in their fields. How do you contact them when you have a specific question? World expert puts you in contact with the best person in your field.
Web service that addresses questions to the best experts in a category. Users claim fields of expertise and get paid to answer questions. If they can't answer or if the answer isn't satisfactory, they loose their expert status.
Target audience
People with specific questions pay to see their questions answered by the best experts.
A part of the answer is available online once it has been paid for, which makes it retrievable on search engines. Marketing targets people with questions or looking for an expert.
World expert associates with Wikipedia to provide the best content for all. It becomes the reference for quality information.


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