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Despite terror, let's stay strong together

It moves us deeply to see how many people die in terror attacks and we'd like to show our support to all affected people. Terror has happened in France in 2016 but also everywhere around the world for ages.

Terrorist attacks are as dreadful as they should reinforce solidarity

We should however never yield to panic and let terror take control of our freedom. Isn't it what terrorists really want, through such horrible demonstrations of power, to push citizens, governments and countries to violent actions?

However violence only generates more violence and strong emotions blind us to what comes ahead. We're not at war though. Fear will encouraged by media but we shouldn't over react. Extremist parties may take advantage of the situation to shine but their ideas still remain extreme.

Let's stay strong and together rebuild the trust what was broken on these terrible events. Let's reflect together how to use use new ideas to create stronger cities, communities, resistance.


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