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I'm designing a new product with limited resources, how do I know what's important from what's not?

Overloaded? Not sure where to start? It's time to prioritise.

Not all cars need the same level of features

There are many ways you can do it but here's a quick one. Classify things into 3 categories, basic first, then comfort then luxury.

Basic is what you need to do as a requirement, there's no other option. Comfort is what is nice to have and bring you extra points from your customers. The more you do of it, the better it is.  Luxury is all the rest, not essential but amazing and very differentiating.

Now back to priorities: start with basic and do it as fast as possible, without spending time to make it perfect. Then do comfort: as many items as you can, fast as well. The aim is to reach luxury items as soon as possible, and make a difference by spending time on what really differentiates your product.


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You may have already experienced the frustration to realise that an idea you had already exists on the Internet. You don't have to have a unique idea to succeed, what matters most is how you make your business unique We're not 6 billion individuals on the planet for nothing, even though not everyone has access to the Internet chances are your new ideas already exist in a shape or form somewhere. Don't let it discourage you! Your Ideas are unique because you are unique. You may have similarities with existing projects but shortly your personality will show and make your whole project unique.

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