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How can I make sure the ideas that I leave aside for later don't go to waste?

I recently had a chat with a composer who gave me great advice "don't write for the drawer".

When a lot of hard work comes up to almost nothing...

What does that mean? Many composers work for the prestige of beautiful music that will never be played live. They'll spend a lot of time on an amazing piece of music with great arrangements for multiple instruments, just for the sake of it. Most of the time it'll never be played and go directly to the drawer. Isn't it a shame?

The parallel with business ideas is direct: most of us have ideas but never do anything with them. It's actually the reason why this website was created. Too many people have ideas, think about executing them, but in the end put them back to the drawer and move on.

What's the lesson learnt? No matter what, focus on ideas you can share easily, like music you can play to others. It's much more fun playing live! There are many more chances that your idea will reach success if everyone knows about it.


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