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Why do you need to make people talk about your idea?

 It’s not about good ideas or bad ideas: it’s about ideas that make people talk. Guess what I just heard, I'll tell you and then you'll tell everyone else, OK? Successful projects have this in common, they leave a lasting impression and make people want to talk about it. Even bad buzz is still buzz, so it can be valuable to a certain extent. What's the idea that made people talk most around you?
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How can you keep things simple, no jargon and fun?

 No one likes to spend a lot of time on something simple and work hard when it's not rewarding... Time, attention, money should go to areas that pay off in the end, else your strategy will soon be debated! Keep a light approach to preserve the fun in your work By keeping a low key approach to what you have in your plate, you get used to spending the least amount of energy to move forward. That's a very efficient way to go and you always have extra resources to spend if needs be. There will always be difficult people around, using obscure technical vocabulary and doing things the hard way, sometimes forcing it on others. Keep yourself out of it with humour and a light jokes to make do a tough situation with a fun attitude!

Do something for somebody else

Such is the Lion's club moto that allowed them to become the biggest association in the world. Good things come from people working together for a good cause Despite all the problems that may have stopped them since they've started their journey helping others out, they've always kept at it. You don't have to be part of the Lion's to serve others, even though it may help some, but you can't ignore the need to always think and act for others.

Just f***ing do it!

Some highly effective people like to do things themselves to make sure all is done well and that does work. No waiting for others to get into gear, or hesitate on the best way to do things. Some things are better done quick without any arguing beforehand. Stop the bleeding first, then seek assistance! If you keep saying ‘It’s quicker to do it myself’, in the short term, it'll prove often correct. However this is only true at the moment something occurs: if you've time, if you know how to do the job, if it can be done by one person. Jfdi is a powerful moto but a dangerous one too, use it only if needed and concentrate on bringing people in to work together.

Something new cooking up!

In the last year you've been part of 3151 people who came to for business tips, for new ideas, to test your ideas and to boost your projects. It's been a great time working together and we've learnt a lot from each other! If we could ever meet all together, that'd be a hell of a party! Now's a good time for a big news: the book we've been working on is in a good shape and is becoming our priority! We're entering an iterative phase which will end up in a brand new business ideas guide. Interested in getting the book early? For free? Just register here. The book will be a great way to confirm what we've learnt in the past year with new people and learn even more in the process. Needless to say we're very excited about it! Please note that the regular posts will slow down from once a day to once a week to dedicate our efforts to this project. Keep in touch and follow us!

Look after yourself... else who will?

 It's usual to see people working really hard on their ideas and others saying it's better to work smartly or efficiently... the fact is that when there's passion involved, one doesn't count the time one spends. No matter how smart or efficient you are, hard work is long work Be careful though of the consequences of hard work, for they are vicious and long lasting. It's all right to put a long day at work or work until late, but is it worth breaking a relationship for that? Or is it worth risking a burn out and having to stop all work for an extended period of time? You're the best person to look after yourself and no matter what others will do to help, you're the one in charge of your own health! Photo  Dziana Hasanbekava   Pexels

Why asking questions isn't enough

 We often hear "good question!" or "there's no silly question", but questions are just the starting point of a meaningful reasoning. Asking questions is a good habit... except when it's better not to! Everyone knows about the "what, where, when, who" that allows you to dig into a matter and take actions. But there's also the "why" that searches for meaning and sometimes hurts the person who's answering it if he/she hasn't thought enough about it. "Why did you send an insult letter to a customer?" "He had been anal over the phone and I wanted to explain myself..." "Why didn't you finish your work on time?" "Well, it was late on Friday evening and I thought I'd finish it on Monday..." You can even ask "why" several times over, often 5 times is enough, and dig even deeper into the root cause. "Why where you late in finishing your work?" "I was waiting for Ma