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How do I know what battles are worth fighting for in a startup?

It's a good trait of character to fight for the things that matter to you. Life and business don't always go on smoothly. Choose your fights well, keep them short and intense! You'll always be considered as strong as the toughest battle you've won, people will remember you as such and build a image of you that can last for a long time. Yet those battles may not fully describe you and your personality, as they were brief moments in time when you managed to pull something out. What really matters is not so much the battles you win but how you pick the right battles, that you may loose or win. Fighting involves temporary blind determination so it's tempting to go all the way without reconsidering your battle until it's over and jumping on the next one as fast as possible. Remember it's not enough to fight for something, it's also important to check that what you're fighting for is still worth it. And as soon as it starts loosing touch with your business
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New business idea: best wishes, the right words for the right occasion

Not easy to know what to write, get someone else's hand for it Project Best wishes Description Finding the right words for the right occasion isn't easy, taking into account people's sensitivity, the context and your relationship. Best wishes is an app that suggests personalised messages to keep in touch with people you like. Answer a few questions about the person, gender, tastes, children.. And get some suggestions from experts. Target audience This app's great for people facing occasions like birthdays, family events but also sadder ones like funerals. Revenues The app's free and extra services are paid: formal letter sent, dedicated text written. Strategy The right words aren't always easy to find, so get some help to get the right effect. Effective communication makes a difference, so results are expected early if the project is working successfully.

I have no time for personal development and training, will it bite me back?

A tree can't survive for long if it doesn't have deep roots. Make sure you invest energy in building your own root system to become a stronger person in the future. Not all trees are sequoias, but all big trees have strong roots This has strong implications for your personal life but also your professional environment: the moment people will consider you strong they'll start trusting you much more and build long-term projects with you. Opportunities are everywhere for those who are well connected, but not all opportunities are for everyone due to the high variability of characters and personalities. Obviously not every one needs the same roots, as all trees aren't sequoias. Make sure you don't ignore your personal needs: chances are yours will be different from others, even close ones. Adapt to your environment too, as plants do to weather conditions throughout the year. Remember some orchids live out of the ground!

Should I welcome my colleagues' ideas in an optimistic or pessimistic way?

Investing time and money requires expertise and experience. And luck. If you have an idea or if you're considering someone else's idea, be critical and cautious. Not all plants (ideas) are beautiful (attractive) but they're all useful to an extent, find out why But also be open to a great new opportunity! It's often too easy to reject new ideas rather than taking the time to analyse them. No one wants to miss the opportunity of investing in the next Google or Apple. Of course there's no simple feedback to give to someone exposing a new idea to you and unless you really know the matter well, you'll need some research first to cover the different dimensions of the problem being solved. Do you have the time to do it yourself? Do you have the expertise for it? This is where Business Ideas comes in handy. The community will answer your questions without having you to reveal your idea if you want to keep it private. In return the answers will benefit to all members an

New business idea: Voice server, bookings and services through voice mail

Change your doctors appointements (and much more) by simply leaving a voice mail Project Voice server, to control bookings and services by voice Description If you're like me, you've already missed at least one appointment because you didn't note it down or you just forgot about it on the same day. I'm talking about dentist, GP, garage appointments... But the same happens for services and activities too. Voice server is an automated voice mail service that allows booking and changing appointments over the phone. No need to download any app or send emails! Target audience Customers are medical professionals, restaurants, garages not willing to waste time in managing and following bookings 24/7. Revenues Paid service based on the number of calls per month. Discounts for larger numbers of bookings. A real receptionist is available for an extra cost. Strategy Make painful bookings a thing of the past. By using an automated server you're chang

New business idea: About to meet, the tool that makes meetings awesome

Send updates and exchange information easily before your important meetings Project About to meet, the tool for people that are planning to meet and who want to make the most of it Description You've planned to meet someone and you'd like to prepare the meeting beforehand... Or maybe just say you'll be 5 minutes late. Keep the whole conversation up all the time, from the moment you plan a meeting to just after when you follow it up. Target audience Connected people wanting to meet and planning it online. Revenues Free with ads related to the meeting location, time, people involved. Strategy Typical questions that happen just before you meet up are: are you late/early? Where are you? What mood are you in? Can you bring bread? Before meeting simplifies the discussion and makes communication fun.

Is it wrong to bring different opinions to my team and to see things differently from them?

With more than 5 billions people on earth, chances are you'll have strong competitors to your ideas. Make sure your point of view's unique and you'll have an edge over all others. Having your own style and vision is definitely an asset, even more so in entrepreneurship One of the biggest problems businesses have, mostly SME and large corporations, is that they have plain visions tightly linked to their historical customers and the way they're too scared to loose them. This locks things down and prevents real innovation from addressing the problems that really matter and bringing the most value to all stakeholders. This is where startups have a chance to change things for the best. What counts most is how you see things, your vision, your will to make the world better according to you. That doesn't mean everybody who see the same thing will agree on it. But at least if you truly look from a different angle you'll have a chance to think differently. Anything that