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Are you playing to your strengths?

Being an entrepreneur requires extraordinary abilities in order to be able to cope with unforseen situations in unfriendly environments, sometimes going against your own nature to get out of complex situations. Entrepreneurs have awesome skills but aren't good at everything! However a level of humility is necessary too as no one can do everything well and it's counterproductive to oversell yourself as it may break people's trust. Knowing your own strengths, relatively to others, and playing to them is an important key to succeed in entrepreneurship. Don't waste time trying to improve on every subject at the same time, choose the one thing you already master and aim at becoming perfect at it!
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Is your business idea adapted to where you're located?

All investors are different but trends and habits make them more or less attracted to certain kinds of projects. How do you know whom to contact? Sorry but you won't get money if your business idea isn't suiting your investors' minds If you have a project that requires early stage investments in order to achieve scaling targets, it'll be very hard to find investors outside of the Silicon Valley. Tip: if you live in Europe, don't waste too much time trying to convince everyone your risky idea is worth it and focus on validating your business model as early as possible. In the end, make sure you know what the ecosystems expect from projects like yours so that it can be your daily goal, from making money on day 1 to gaining significant market share as early as possible.

Why should you keep track of your number of users?

If you're running an app or website, keep an eye on your number of users! For at the beginning it'll grow steadily but it'll peak and stagnate... Be ready to identify that moment and test all you can to break the ceiling. It's not enough to have growing figures, you must aim for the fastest growth possible to avoid stagnation Everyday new people will start using the Internet so numbers tend to grow automatically online. But of course that's not enough. What should you do to keep numbers growing? A number of methods exist, from A/B testing to involving your users to come up with new ideas. Whatever you do, make sure you monitor adequately and measure performance!

How do you put pressure without anger?

Startups are fun until they become hell with lack of money, too much work to do in too little time... Stress can lead to pretty bad things unfortunately. We all know when we're stressed... at least don't let it turn into anger Indeed anger is the one thing that will break relationships and isolate you at a moment when you need other the most. In tense situations, make sure people are 100% committed, no time is lost and people know what to do, whom to contact in case of issues.

Why do you need to make people talk about your idea?

 It’s not about good ideas or bad ideas: it’s about ideas that make people talk. Guess what I just heard, I'll tell you and then you'll tell everyone else, OK? Successful projects have this in common, they leave a lasting impression and make people want to talk about it. Even bad buzz is still buzz, so it can be valuable to a certain extent. What's the idea that made people talk most around you?

How can you keep things simple, no jargon and fun?

 No one likes to spend a lot of time on something simple and work hard when it's not rewarding... Time, attention, money should go to areas that pay off in the end, else your strategy will soon be debated! Keep a light approach to preserve the fun in your work By keeping a low key approach to what you have in your plate, you get used to spending the least amount of energy to move forward. That's a very efficient way to go and you always have extra resources to spend if needs be. There will always be difficult people around, using obscure technical vocabulary and doing things the hard way, sometimes forcing it on others. Keep yourself out of it with humour and a light jokes to make do a tough situation with a fun attitude!

Do something for somebody else

Such is the Lion's club moto that allowed them to become the biggest association in the world. Good things come from people working together for a good cause Despite all the problems that may have stopped them since they've started their journey helping others out, they've always kept at it. You don't have to be part of the Lion's to serve others, even though it may help some, but you can't ignore the need to always think and act for others.