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Business Ideas offers premium users a high level of dedicated service to maximise your ideas, check this page for more details.

No time to spend on your ideas right now? We're happy to do whatever it takes to help depending on your needs.

Is your idea patentable? Contact us for the Patent package:

  • Premium access to this website
  • Dedicated advice and support
  • Patent filing from the begining to the end

Contact us for Business as a Service (BaaS):

  • Premium access to this website
  • Personal quote based on your idea
  • Access to the online working tools that are most adapted to your project
  • Business acceleration through a business center partner
  • Business incubation in a business center near you

Contact us for our Business innovation package:

  • Training adapted to the audience (engineering, marketing, management...)
  • Idea selection (adapted to your personal criteria)
  • Idea support
  • Ideas boost to make the most of what's possible
  • Business as a Service (see above)

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