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Welcome to BusinessIdeas' download page, where the entrepreneur knowledge gets transformed into unique books.
Download ebooks and read them on any support
How are these books written?
When people contact us for advice, when we discover hidden business gems in our daily work, when we come up with new ideas, when we organise conferences, we learn a lot in the process. This learning is new and invaluable, original by all standards as it comes just hot from the field! By putting it into writing we make brand new content specific to BusinessIdeas and share it with all BusinessIdeas fans directly on the website.
Why do you need them?
The books are full of great and unpublished advice for entrepreneurs. They were made to address your questions, your doubts and stimulate your ideas... to make you successful in your business journey.
Which books are available?
"Boost your business ideas" on Amazon
What other books are under preparation?
Succeed with your best idea
Create a profitable product