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Thursday, 10 March 2016


Sponsored postcards

It may not always be easy to find a nice postcard when you're in the middle of nowhere...
Sponsored postcards
It's increasingly difficult to find nice postcards when traveling, however hard you try you may never see any in remote areas. Sponsored postcards is a project aiming at sending free cards to poor countries in order to help locals sell tourists nice postcards in remote locations. Targeted locations are central Africa, south eastern Asia, south America... But others will also be considered.
Target audience
This project is for companies like hallmark, selling postcards +1€ for Africa. Great for the company visibility.
People buying cards online or in shops can make a donation to send cards to Africa. Small admin fees are kept to run the project.
The same scheme may be reproduced for toys or gadgets. Well also allow people to order personalised cards either online or by SMS.

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