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Sunday, 7 February 2016

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Why are there things you don't like?

We all have things we like and others we don't like much. But what matters most is why you don't like something.

There are things you can't put off: even if you don't feel like gardening, you may well loose it all due to neglect

If it's because you find it difficult, then the more you wait for it the harder it'll get.

If it's because you don't like it, delay means avoidance, motivation decreases and you may get down because of the undesired effects.

Do not put off the things you do not like. There is a difference between what you find difficult and what you simply do not like. The likely effect of delay and avoidance of tasks is very similar to that referred to above, and I will not give a similar example here, but the motivation is different, though not less powerful.

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