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Sunday, 13 December 2015


Virtual attendance, be everywhere you want to

Because it's not easy for everyone to be in multiple places at the same time...

Sometimes you can't go to an event you wish you had been able to attend. Virtual attendance allows you to be virtually present by finding someone who will be your eyes and ears there.
A website puts you in contact with people willing to record their experience at an event for a price. Depending on the demand the price of your ticket can be fully reimbursed!
Target audience
This service addresses people who can't be present at an event because they're already busy, can't afford the price or are unable to go because the event is sold out.
People attending events are paid for their recording depending on how many people are willing to pay to see their full video. A charge is taken in the process and videos are potentially sold to as many viewers as possible.
Targeting all business people, this service will become a must have for successful leaders and an ideal image of effectiveness.

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