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Saturday, 19 December 2015


My neighbourhood, to find everything local

You may not know that what you're looking for is around the corner until you've asked for it, but what if there's no one to ask?

This service is based on the concept of asking local people for information until you find what you're looking for. An example is walking down the street and asking where the closest bakery is... Which is much faster than googling it up.
This is a web and smartphone app, inspired by existing Q&A websites, allowing people to download vouchers (usable at local shops) depending on the number of points they've accumulated.
Target audience
Anyone connected to the Internet will use it to answer local questions once in a while. Asking questions is free and time bound: no answer means the question's cancelled. Answering questions brings rewards.
All free but priority questions (after paying a fee) are shown first to answer and more points are given to people answering them.
The strategy's to address most local questions and fill the web with localised data. It can be marketed as a Facebook application.

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