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Saturday, 28 November 2015


Mobile breathaliser

What if you didn't have a breathaliser near you... and it could save your life, as well as others?

This project is a suite of reflex games to test reaction time and confirm whether or not your fit for driving. They can be integrated in the car informatics after approval by a doctors association.
Are you fit to drive? Are you drunk or on medications? Test your reflex to see how you're doing. This application is a short game that tests your reflex before driving. You get points if you do it before driving. Negative ones if you drive despite being told not to do so.
Target audience
Drivers are targeted and insurance companies are made aware of unsafe driving, they can actually lower pricing for better drivers.
Money comes from selling analytics of the app and subscription by insurance company needing specific users data, if the user agrees with it.
Make unsafe driving a thing of the past.

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