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Thursday, 2 July 2015


What's a marketing plan?

When you're thinking about a new idea, marketing's one of the first thing that you should focus on. Who will you be selling to? How will you reach these people?

Nobody likes waiting, especially when your business depends on it... so make sure you're good on the marketing side

You could build a very strong case and yet be far away from the truth in marketing as feeling and intuition play a large role, especially if you're trying to convince people to buy in your project. Remember the success lies in the implementation, not in the writing so it's better to design a short and reachable plan.

One key though is to establish targets that will be used to monitor progress. Quantities and time scales will be put in as objectives and reviewed regularly to assess the strategy. Remember there's more value in reaching what you've said your goal was rather that setting fantasy goals.

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