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Wednesday, 1 July 2015


How much time should be spent on the business model?

When you decide to execute an idea, enthusiasm can easily blind you. What if you were on something big? What if it was going to make you rich?

There's always a simpler way of doing things, so make sure you don't overdo your business plan!

You could spend months working on the business plan and that'd not be enough. At Business Ideas, we believe a business plan should be short and sweet. And straight to the point. Don't spend more than a few hours to start with.

You'll surely realise soon enough that even the best plans need to change along the way to adapt to the reality. Or you'll talk to people and new ideas will come up; you might want to integrate them.

A short and clear business plan will allow you to accommodate these changes and react fast. Soon your short plan will become richer and effective.

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