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Thursday, 9 July 2015


Entrepreneurs aren't heroes

Being a rock start must be awesome: loads of money, many fans ready to do anything for you... basically the world at your feet. Well, that's cliché and not all musicians are top rock stars. The reality is that most of them are struggling live off their passion.

The same goes for entrepreneurs, except from a few media stars, and most of them are going through tough times to be able to prove everyone that what they're doing is truly amazing.

Because entrepreneurs are simply mortals, they've to use tricks to achieve this effectively. There's no magic involved, no shortcuts, but a simple plan a great focus on making it happen.

That's the key to convincing people to trust you: delivering constantly on time what you said you will deliver. Slowly you'll earn the reputation of not just mortal anymore, and maybe sooner than later, of a rock star!

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