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Sunday, 28 June 2015


Why does execution matter?

We've all heard that having a great idea is what it takes to be successful. Correction, that's only 10% of it.

Of course you can start raising money and rally a team based on your idea, but the real work starts during the planning phase. How will you make things happen? How will you make money with it? That's around 20%.

But that's not enough of course, execution matters the most, around 70%. That's what makes an idea not so easy to copy, as different people will have different ways of executing things. That's where the magic happens, or not, that will bring success, or not.

Execution is your own take at handling an idea, it requires skills, luck and a lot of team work. Alone you're dead, or sentenced to death with a not so great team. Focus on execution as it'll make all the difference!

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