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Saturday, 27 June 2015


What you need to create a team

I've often heard people asking how to find team mates to help them execute their project. Not an easy one if you're looking for the right people under constraints of salary and availability.

Looking for the perfect match for your team? Make a clear job description first!

Yet you can still make things happen by hiring people and starting the work with them. Freelancers will do or people around you willing to help for a fee. You'll need a clear plan for your project, so that work can be split and shared. Do your homework and put a plan and money aside to make your idea happen.

But that's not enough if you want to go all the way. There's another ingredient you'll need to add, simple and efficient: sincerity. If you believe in yourself, the plan and others, it needs to show. People need to feel you're committed to working with them.

Last but not least, you can give co-workers you trust shares of the new company. That's only for those people you really value and want to include in the success of the project.

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