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Friday, 26 June 2015


Success comes quickly

When things go well, it can happen really quickly. Customer rush towards you, money flows, you become a centre of attention. That's when you have to push hard to maintain the growth and take momentum to guide you through the hard times ahead.

But when business doesn't go very well, or grows too slow, that's no good news. It doesn't mean the idea's bad or needs to be stopped, but rather than the execution path isn't ideal. Kill your project quickly to step back on track.

Really kill it? Yes, as soon as you can in order to avoid an even harder decision along the line. And focus on another project which will grow faster and on which you'll be able to construct something big. Good ideas never die, and if you find another plan later to revive your idea, you'll always be able to run it. But differently, taking into account your past experience and the current context.

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