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Monday, 22 June 2015


Do you have to be a freelancer to start your business?

Starting your own business doesn't mean you have to be a freelancer to make ends meet until you earn a living out of it. Quitting your job doesn't make freelancing the last chance to make money either.

Let's start with stating freelancing is a great way of life for those who like it. Flexibility, good money, various experiences, you name it!

But it's not for all of us and permanent contracts are good options as well. But what about one project you create yourself? If you're dedicated to your goal, the only difference to a "normal" job is the pay. Job security? Even large companies fail. Team spirit? Start-up spirit is a million times better.

About the pay, it's true that money is scarce in new projects at the beginning. That's why you have to be careful and aim for fresh investments quickly. That's what Business Ideas helps you with, keeping in mind a successful business is one that can provide revenues early and even more generous prospects later on.

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